Current Projects

  • The Use of Environmental Clauses in French Public Procurement (with Anissa Boulemia)
  • Public-Private Partnerships in France: Who, Why and Why not? (with Phuong Tra Tran)
  • Does Electoral Turnout Affect the Intergenerational Conflict over the Provision of Public Education? (with Mickael Melki)
  • The Direct and Indirect Effect of Safety Regulation on Quality: a Cautionary Tale from the French "Robien Law" (with Lisa Chever)
  • Do politicians procure their way to Congress? An empirical analysis of public procurement and elections (with Eshien Chong and John Moore)
  • The quality of governance and the use of negotiated procedures: Some (un)-surprising evidence from the European Union (with Eshien Chong and Stéphane Saussier)
  • The Dynamics of the Political Budget Cycle: An empirical examination of municipal spending in Austria